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Possible to assign keyboard modifier keys to remote control


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I have an industrial application in which I use a linux pc kiosk, flirc, and a custom remote control. The remote control presses get intercepted by xbindkeys which then runs the appropriate scripts, pyrhon program, etc. It works very well and I love flirc! Thank you for all your hard work!

I am looking to expand my program functionality without adding extra buttons to my remote control. I would love if I could assign the modifier “shift” or “ctrl”, etc to a remote button but WITHOUT any other associated actual keyboard key. I would loved to assign just the naked modifier alone.

The idea would be that it would work just like on a keyboard. On this new hypothetical remote, there would be a button labelled “Shift”. If you pressed the “a” button you would get “a” output but if you pressed”Shift” and “a” on the remote then you would get “shift + a” output.

The solution that works for me now is that I have “Caps Lock” assigned to a button on the remote. Xbindkeys will detect whether caps lock is on or off which allows me my dual button function (“a” and “A” are treated differently). However the downside is my remote has no caps lock LED and so the end user is having trouble telling if caps lock is on or off until they press a button. Therefore, a two button press on the remote using, for instance, “Shift” plus “a” would work great!

And I know flirc can assign complex keyboard presses and macros to a remote control button but this is not what I need. I want to make my 26 remote buttons have double functionality depending on what combination of buttons are pressed at the same time. Or if you another suggestion I have missed I would appreciate the help.


Thanks you for your help,

- Patrick Keating

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