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XBMC and EyeTV Integration


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Ok, I am at first base with this.

This is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJHG2K8NQas

remotelrg-1-1-3-1.jpgThese are the scripts including the keyboard.xml https://www.dropbox....Z/XBMCEyeTV.zip

Features that I have added to the remote are:

1. Screenshots (automatically upload to photo stream)

2. Blacklight

3. Growl notifications toggle (incomplete)

and a few more custom app controls as you can see...

PS: I dont mean to post such a large image but I cant seem to resize it here.

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Thanks mate, one of the cool tricks is to use a key on the remote to perform heterogenous tasks (eg. the one on the remote which is titled 'Press if no response'). I am still experimenting with this and I haven't included it in this configuration but the idea is that:

i) The amp receives this signal and ensures that the remote is set to receiver mode, and

ii) the mac receives the same signal and ensures that 'nothing is in the way of executing flirc shortcuts'.

It can have useful applications such as, pressing an input source on the remote that de-slects mac as the source on the amp and at the same time triggers a script on the mac to turn off media center apps.

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