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MX-850 Remote IR problem


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I have 2 mx-850 remotes 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. I have 2 htpc in the same rack, in the basement with a flirc in each one. then i have an IR emitter on each flirc matching the IR output from the rf reciever.This means the signal is sent RF to the emitter which is covered up as to not spray amd IR signals to the other htpc.But i can use either remote for either htpc. This should not be possibe.

Any Ideas?

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Seems there could be two factors:

Are both rf receivers programmed to the same remote?

Also flircs are more sensitive that the average receiver (I find), you may need to cover it a lot more.

Or you can reduce the sensitivity of flirc via command line.

How does that work? Seems like that would be an option for my troubles with my RF Extender.

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Here we are:

Thanks Chris and no worries, really appreciate all the time and effort you guys put into this forum :)

Seems like a time consuming job to have to adjust the timing for every key though so I'll probably wait and see if Jason finds a better way when he gets an RF extender to dig into.

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I bought an logitech remote from "http://www.thevaluestore.in/supershop/Logitech-H650-Universal-Remote" which supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.4.8. It is compatible with 5000 brands.It has constantly Updated Database of Equipment, Live Support, Easy Setup with 2 years Logitech warranty.

I think a number of users are already using this remote successfully. But I double checked on logitech's site and think it should work.

It doesn't matter what OS the remote is compatible with Flirc (which is nearly any IR remote)

Pleasant regards

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