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Hi pdub, welcome to the forums

From what I read it seems that windows 7 doesn't have a shortcut by default for adjusting volume. Once it did then Flirc would be able to control volume easy peasy.

does this thread help: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/198081-volume-shortcut-create.html

Alternatively could you not control the volume from another point e.g. TV, speakers or even Plex (http://wiki.plexapp.com/index.php/Keyboard#Global - as plex already has a shortcut for it)

pleasant regards

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Thanks for the reply Chris!

I checked that thread out and tried it on my work computer. It would *sort* of work, in that you can assign a keypress shortcut to bring up an on-screen volume control, and then you could use up/down keypresses to raise/lower volume, but then you'd need to 'return' to close the volume popup window. Certainly a way to accomplish controlling volume, but not very elegant.

Currently I do have my vol up/down remote buttons mapped to the Plex volume shortcuts, but the Plex volume shortcuts are not as 'absolute' as regular volume controls (e.g. you cannot make the volume any louder than it is currently set, you can only make it softer.

It looks like there are some third party windows applicaitons which let you make your own macros/keyboard shortcuts, that's where I'll look next. I was hoping for something out-of-the-box, but I'll see what I can find.


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I had that set-up but decided to pick the audio up from the tv (i.e. plug the 3.5mm jack into the TV) that way i can easily use the remote to control volume and anything that goes through the TV benefits from speaker sound.

Otherwise the only other thing that we haven't mentioned is putting the system volume to max then using the plex volume controls (so it would have the upper volume range then it could do the lower volume range itself).

Let us know what you go with and what it's like

pleasant regards

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Hey guys,


I just tackled this issue on Windows 8.1, and by far the most elegant solution I found was using AutoHotkey.


Check out this post on Superuser.com



Here is the script

#PgUp::Send {Volume_Up 3}
#PgDn::Send {Volume_Down 3}


so doing Win+PgUp or Win+PgDown changes the master volume.

  1. If you don't have it installed already, http://www.autohotkey.com/
  2. Once installed, right click your Desktop, and choose new AutoHotKey file
  3. Make sure to title the file ending with .ahk (for example, I used "controls.ahk")
  4. Paste the code in from above
  5. Save it, and double click the script in windows explorer

To run it at startup

  1. Use the AHK provided "Convert to exe" utility (or you can right click the file and select "compile script")
  2. Create the .exe in "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"


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