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Logitech Harmony One : issues with Activity and certain IR commands are not recieved


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Hi All,

I've got a Logitech harmony one, i've tried and set it up with numerous devices (including both TV's mentioned here in other posts). It all seems to work very well on any device i try and i can control most of my OpenElec system. But the weird issue lies in the fact that a set of certain buttons/commands do not work while in an Activity, but when i select the device itself, it does work.

Flirc setup doesn't respond to play/pause/rewind/forward/guide/info and a few more while i'm in the activity i have set up. But when i select the device itself through the remore and go through the setup again, everything works fine.

Anyone has some intel on this?


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Hi Trikke,

How very odd. I have the Harmony 300 so I am going to assume there are similarities. I found the TV's we suggested filled up play/pause/rewind etc.

The first thing we need to establish is that the remote is working and is sending I/R when those buttons are pressed.

1) I'm assuming you have your TV programmed into the Harmony as the TV device, try programming Flirc with that profile for now to check the remote sending stuff (remember to focus on the problem buttons you mentioned: play/pause/rewind/forward/guide/info)

2) My harmony flashes when I press a button that is sending signals out (the ones that don't send signals don't light up). Is this happening?

We'll get you up and running in no time, thanks for your patience,


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Hi Chris!

I just did a quick check on your input. A symbol lights up whenever an IR command is actually sent, so i tested the play and other buttons in both activity and device mode. In device mode it lights up and flirc recieves it, but in activity mode these buttons show no activity. So it seems to be more of a misconfiguration on my part or some software error on logitech's part. I'm guessing it's number one, so i'll wipe it and start over again. I'll post my findings here, should anyone ever google this and have the same issue.

Flirc in itself is an amazing simple product, does as described and does it well, i'm very happy with that.

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A small update on my case.

i followed the guide at http://www.missingremote.com/guide/creating-htpc-activity-logitech-harmony-one, and now all the buttons seem to be working fine. But when using flirc it seems it doesn't catch every IR command sent. I tested it with another IR receiver and that worked fine. If first thought it was the delay between keypresses but any value between 0 and 200ms didn't have any impact.

Maybe i will go back to the television device as stated on these forums and try what videonisse suggests. But i can't remember having to do both device and activity in the past for other things. But it might be that i always did the mappings for the activity and not devices.

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Hi Chris,

Yes it is. But what Videonisse said made me think is that maybe this time i only did button mapping for the fake parasonic tv as a device and not the Activity, thus creating this entire problem. I guess i forgot it also exists for the activities.

Still no problem with flirc aside from the problem with an MS profile ( but i'm going to use the parasonic again)

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Microsoft remotes toggle between two frequencies so generally ever other button press is recognised. You can record both by recording repeating recording each key but I think you're better switching to panasonic.

For more info on Microsoft remote issues :

Let us know how it goes :)

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final update : the problem existed between the screen and the keyboard. I forgot that there was also button mapping for an Activity, not only for the device itself. Did that and now it works perfectly with flirc.

So i hope anyone who has the same issue will figure it out through this and anyone looking to buy flirc, please do!

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