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Turning ON pc while fully shut down?


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Only the Flirc SE (SE = Streacom Edition) can do cold booting, because you can only do cold booting by sending a signal to the power button header on your motherboard, the header for which only the Flirc SE has got a connector for. Also your motherboard has to support keeping an internal USB header powered, because the Flirc SE needs to be connected to one, and the Flirc SE needs to remain powered to work as it hasn't got a battery.

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i think it can be done, i dont use flirc to start my pc but i use an app with wake on lan package and it works just fine.


also i can turn on my pc with my alexa, so working around a solution for using flirc wont be hard.


you can always use a smartplug that uses RF signal and turn on the PC



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