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Need 2 simple codes for fireTv


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I purchased my mother a FireTv and I need 2 simple codes which are not on the fireTv profile.

All she does is use it to watch cable.  The whole FireTv interface is too much for her to learn all at once.   

The TV is plugged in to hdmi1.  I've set the TV up so it always goes directly to the last input it was on.  So whenever she turns it on, it will always go to cable unless someone else left it on another input.

Right now she has to use 2 remotes.  Her "universal" remote for cable and the firetv remote to turn the stupid thing on and off, and to adjust the volume.

So I just need 3 codes.  The 2 most import are volume up and down.

Nice to have would be the following more complex codes:

One to turn the tv on and off[I don't care if it is actually off or in "sleep" mode.  It just needs to make the screen turn OFF.]

Really nice to have would be a macro command to make it switch to the primary hdmi input.

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