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Receiving/transmitting more than 100 edges?


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I picked up a flirc as it was the only USB IR transceiver available online in my area and I wanted to do some experiments with home automation on a handful of devices that use infrared remotes, specifically LED lighting and an air conditioner. I've had great success with the lights and was able to reverse engineer the remote and write scripts to control them with the flirc.

The air conditioner is a different story. Air conditioner remotes send huge packets with all of the current settings for the device. Unfortunately, this means the signal sent by my remote is more than 100 edges and flirc stops early and returns an error - I can't see the whole packet to reverse engineer it! Additionally, from my testing, it seems the firmware limits transmitted packets to 100 edges as well, so even if I could figure out the format, I wouldn't be able to send it back to the air conditioner - no bueno.

Is there any possibility of being able to receive, or at least print to the debug log, more than 100 edges? Same for improving the transmit command to support longer packets? 100 seems like a very arbitrary choice, rather than something that was specifically called for based on available RAM on the device.

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