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My 2nd MX-850 remote not working like the first one


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I set my first Mx-850 up with the flirc. Then i took the second MX-850 and copied the commands from the 1st one. All functions work except fast forward and rewind.Fast forward works great on the first MX-850 and does not on the 2 MX-850. Am i doing something wrong?

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Hi vid53, welcome to the forums,

Is this the remote your talking about: http://www.amazon.co...s/dp/B0007N5XPW

How did you copy the commands:

1) By one remote "learning" from the other

2) Using the same device as the first remote?

Pleasant regards,


Yes it is the same remote. I progaramed the remote in the learning mode facing each other.

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It's conceivable that some interference has caused some error in the transfer of commands. Flirc is very sensitive so this may be the reason it isn't picking it up.

May I ask why you programmed the same model of remote for the same Flirc. Is it because you want to remote controls to be able to control Flirc in the same room etc?

I'm assuming you've done my next suggestion but it can't hurt to suggest: You've definitely checked (at the same time - i.e. a few minutes of checking one remote) that the remotes both behave the same (or differently in the case of the buttons you've identified as a problem). Just to confirm that it is the remote not another factor (e.g. a power adapter you recently acquired is interfering)


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