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Why haven't Alexa replaced the remote yet?


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Hi there folks,

I have been going through the forum vigorously for the past 5 days and haven't found any answers for what I've been looking for. So I signed up and here I am.

Please bear with me as I'm new to Flirc (ordered on amazon and patiently waiting)

The main reason I got the flirc SE is to have Alexa turn on/off my PC.

I had a couple queries:

1) I have a Broadlink RM mini (Alexa compatible) to send IR signals to the Flirc SE. So, what I need to do is program the Flirc and R3 mini with the same remote so that Alexa can be used instead of the remote? Will this work?

2) Can I connect both Flirc and the Flirc SE on the same PC to accomplish different tasks? I'v read you can profile it so that 2 flircs connected to the same system don't get all wonky on you. Is this true?

Any response will be very much appreciated!




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Ad 1) It should. But you need to have that remote to first teach your Flirc to respond to its buttons. Keep in mind that there are some remotes which don't work well with Flirc, so first do some tests to be sure that the remote itself works correctly before configuring your Alexa device.

Ad 2) You can use as many Flircs as you want with a single PC (or at least as many as the number of USB ports :)). These behave just like standard USB keyboard and you can use multiple keyboards without issues. Things to remember:
- If you're using Harmony remote and built-in profiles, then make sure that only a single Flirc has built-in profiles enabled (in GUI in Advanced settings). 1st generation of Flirc (original USB one in clear plastic and Flirc SE) can only turn on/off all built-in profiles at once. 2nd generation Flirc can enable/disable specific profiles. If you don't use harmony, then just turn off all built-in profiles in all Flircs you use just to be sure.
- You can't have multiple Flircs connected during programming/configuration (GUI or command line tool). To program each of your Flircs you should disconnect all other on that PC.
- When programming your Flircs, be sure not to program the same buttons on the remote to multiple ones. If you do that, then all (programmed) Flircs will react to the button press and may send conflicting key presses to the system.

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