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Flirc Kodi Device on Harmony remote


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I'm using a Harmony 650 and I'm wondering if the customize  option on the  "Watch TV Activity" on the 650 where it sets up a Power on and power off actions, if under the Flirc Media player ,the "Action"  = "Power On"  or "Action" = "Power off"  are two separate signals?   Or is it the same signal and it's just used like a toggle to turn PC off if on and on if off.

I'm trying to allocate the Flirc/HTPC power on and power off commands to 2 distinct buttons.   But if they are the same signal i will not be able to map them through the Flirc.  It will say button already allocated.

And if it is a simple toggle command then it means it can't be use in conjunction with other devices through the Harmony remote. 

eg.  you have 3 devices.  TV, Flirc/HTPC and stereo sound system.

You power them on but the Flirc misses the power on command. However, your TV and sound system are now on.

If you press the same button again you might turn the PC/Flirc on but now the TV and stereo also get the second command and switch off.

Your devices will remain out of synch until you use the original remotes to reset them.  Which defeats the purpose of a universal remote.




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