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Currently using an XBOX ONE Media Remote and Kodi 17 on a Chromebox.
When pressing keys, the selection takes off. I press once to scroll down a menu and end up 15 pages down.
When I hold the down key attempting to scroll down several pages, it'll tab down once or twice and stop.

This seemed to be the case on my previous generic remote as well.

Years back, I used a remote from my cable company that worked fine. 
I'm currently using the latest firmware and had the issues on old firmware previously.
My Flirc is the clear one before the current version.

I've adjusted the sequence modifiers from 0-7 and seem to just have various versions of the issues. 
I don't know if the built-in profiles or the noise canceler helps. I've turned them on and off.

Any ideas how to remedy this? I've been fighting it for a year and need a fix.


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