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Harmony 350 keyboard commands


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Hi I've been stuck for a couple of months trying to get the harmony 350 working with the flirc.  I've been dealing with Harmony support but we don't seem to be getting anywhere. I've been trying to set the Harmony 350 up for a family member so i want it to act like my 650 which they are already familiar with .

I know that there is a Flirc device for the Harmony remotes but i set my devices to be the Microsoft Media keyboard and the TV.  This allowed me to have access to the same keyboard commands i use in the 650  e.g. "E" to bring up the epg.  I managed to get all the colored keys set up and the Info and Guide keys.  All based on keyboard keys.  All tested out as working using the Showkey kodi utility.   However, no matter what i try i cannot assign the Menu button on the 350 to "M" or the exit button to "ESC"   In fact the only commands that will take are E and I which are already used.  If i assign anything else i get gibberish out. I've not modified or setup up anything on the Flirc the commands are passing through un changed.  Is there a reason why the other keyboard commands are being changed.  Since they appear correct in the Harmony setup i'm assuming for some reason that the Flirc is modifying them.


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