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Flirc SE vs Flirc V2

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SE in the name means Streacom Edition. This is a 1st gen Flirc with a form factor which is compatible with Streacom HTPC cases and it also has an added ability to power the PC on from full shutdown (not just from sleep/hibernation). Other than that it's just 1st gen and doesn't support any new features added in 2nd gen Flirc like macros or long press.

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Well, that depends on your needs. Flirc SE is a 1st gen device, but it has an unique ability to control the PC chassis's power button - this means it's able to turn on the PC from a full shutdown. If you need such function then there's no other choice right now. But you need to take into account that it won't get any new features because of hardware restrictions.

Flirc v2, just like the original Flirc (the one in plastic housing) is only able to wake your PC from sleep/hibernate.

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