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FLIRC disconnected under Window 10

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Just bought the FLIRC. Tried to install it on Windows 10. The FLIRC shows up as Keyboard under the "Bluetooth and other devices". 

But it did not show up in the Device Manager. I had to use to Zadig to make it even appear there. But the Device Manager shows both flirc 0 and flirc 1 under "libusbK" Devices.

I have also provided the log. States that the HID-device can not be found (AFAICS).

Anyone knows what to do?




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Which Flirc model do you have?

If this is a 2nd gen Flirc (the metal one) there's no need to install any drivers. 1st gen Flirc used libusb drivers for communicating with Flirc GUI, but the new one uses only HID drivers which are already in the system.

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I'm afraid you might have messed up your system. I'm not sure how to restore the HID driver for the device in Windows. You can try forcing it somehow to use HID, but I don't know if it'll work.

You can also try plugging Flirc to a different USB port. Maybe it'll trigger proper driver installation.

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Hi Yawor, it does not like the USB3-port of the machine, it seems. Anyway, uninstalling, plugging it into the (backside, sic!) USB2 port, got it to install the flirc1 device correctly as HidUsb. It is still disconnected in the app, though. I have configured the FLIRC on another machine - the remote part then work on the HTPC.

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