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Have EventGhost and UsbUIRT - do I need Flirc?


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I have a HTPC that's running EventGhost for my automation. I have a UsbUIRT attached to it to be able to accept and transmit IR throughout the system. I use Plex Media Player to view my media but I have to use my keyboard to control it. I bought a Flirc to control Plex and then it dawned on me that I could just use EG and the IR to read my existing remote control and feed keystrokes to Plex! Am I missing something that Flirc could do better for me?

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Well, Flirc can't compete with EventGhost feature-wise, that's for sure. EG is far superior for complex scenarios. But it's also a Windows only solution and requires a software install and a lot of playing with configuration to achieve acceptable controlling scheme.

On the other hand, Flirc can work without any supporting software on the host system. All that's needed is support for USB keyboards so it works with probably any operation system. It's also portable as the configuration is stored on the device itself.

There's nothing stopping you from using EG with Flirc. You can use Flirc native keyboard capabilities and just augment it with EG for some more advanced features. Then the basic features would still work even when the EG exit due to some error.

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