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Flirc with Nvidia Shield 2017


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Hi - Sorry about the totally n00b questions. I just found out about the Flirc today, and I am researching if it will work for me.

I just purchased an Nvidia Shield 2017. I am looking for a way to control it with my incredibly versatile IR remote (a Philips TSU-9600).

Someone in the Nvidia forums suggested that I can use the Flirc USB device, but I'm not totally sure if it is a good match for me - It could work fine, or be overkill for my needs.

Does the Flirc need to get configured to work with the Nvidia Shield? I saw Windows/Mac/Linux Flirc application instructions.

My TSU-9600 can directly record IR/RF commands from a remote control transmitter if IR or RF commands are available. Does the Shield have an IR/RF output for every button on the Shield game controller? If so, I think I can program the TSU-9600 directly to capture the data steam, as long as the Flirc would work with that. I can also modify the individual bits of the IR stream to access hidden button functions (like discrete Power On/Power Off) if they are available.



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Let's clear some things out first:

1. I don't think the Nvidia Shield doesn't have any IR output. I think (but I may be wrong) latest version (2017) doesn't even have the IR receiver anymore (older ones had it).
2. Flirc is a fully configurable device, which acts as an USB keyboard. So any hardware which can be controlled with a keyboard, can be controlled with Flirc. You use it by first programming it in Flirc software: you map functions available in the software to buttons on your remote (select function in Flirc software and when asked press a button on the remote). This means you don't need to have any specific remote control at all, because you teach your Flirc device to work with your remote (there are some remotes that work better than others though).

I'll skip the RF part of the question as Flirc doesn't have anything to do with RF.

As for how well Flirc works with Shield, you need to look around the forum. You should even see one of the Shield threads just few ones below yours.

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Thanks, @yawor - That clarifies things, now that I re-read the installation instructions.

I'll be able to use the FLIRC for my system, but not quite as advanced as I had hoped for.

You're right about #1 - The Nvidia Shield 2017 doesn't appear to have an IR output anymore. I may have been better off with the Nvidia Shield 2015 version: I believe that I found the NSTV-2015 IR codes on the web (though, I can't confirm it ... obviously). If anybody who has a Pronto or Pronto Pro (like a TSU-9600), I have attached those IR codes to this message. I'll be using these codes for my FLIRC programming, so that way if I purchase a used NSTV-2015 somewhere down the road, I can use my existing TSU-9600 without needing to make any changes.


Shield TV IR Codes.txt

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