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View configuration and multiple keys with same function


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Hi all,

I recently bought a Flirc and am using it to control Kodi running on a Windows 7 laptop/docking station connected to my TV/AVR setup.  My plans are to migrate eventually from the laptop/docking station to a Raspberry Pi.  I'm using an RCRP05B remote running extender 1.05 and have chosen a Samsung TV upgrade that uses the NECx2 protocol to control the Flirc.  So far, I'm happy with the Flirc, but I did have a couple questions for the collective.

First, I'd really like to be able to view my configuration.  I've forgotten how I've mapped some of my keys.  I see that Yawor has alluded to flirc_util, but I can't seem to find such a program anywhere.  Any help with that?

Second, I've tried to map the same function to different remote keys and the FLIRC setup program won't let me do that.  Here's the background:  Kodi uses the arrow keys on the keyboard for navigation unless you're watching a video; e.g., a recorded TV program.  In that case, the right and left arrow keys skip forward or backward, commands that are commonly used to skip commercials.  Most remotes have separate buttons for navigation and transport; e.g., skip forward/backward.  I'd like to allow my wife to control Kodi exactly as she controls our dish receiver when watching a recorded TV program through Kodi; i.e., using the same buttons for navigation and skipping.  My initial thought was to program the left and right arrow keys to both the left and right arrow keys on my remote and the skip forward/back keys on the remote, but, as I said, the Flirc setup program won't let me do that.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Anyway, I'm pleased with the Flirc and look forward to using it with Kodi.


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The flirc_util.exe is located in the folder where you've chosen to install Flirc software. Usually it's in C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc unless you've changed it during the installation.

The easiest way to use it on Windows is to open the installation folder in Explorer and use one of the methods described here: https://superuser.com/questions/339997/how-to-open-a-terminal-quickly-from-a-file-explorer-at-a-folder-in-windows-7. This should open a terminal windows (cmd.exe) with the correct location. Then you can use flirc_util.exe like described in other threads.

The only limitation when recording is that you can't record the same button multiple times. There's no restriction on recording the same function to multiple remote buttons (unless the remote sends the same code for multiple buttons). What error do you get? That the button already exist? Maybe you've already recorded the skip forward/backward buttons to something else? If yes, then try clicking on erase and when asked press the skip forward button on the remote and then try to record it again using function you want.

BTW Kodi also has dedicated buttons for skip forward/backward. You can check default key bindings here: http://kodi.wiki/view/Keyboard_controls. So you don't need to map left/right cursor keys to these buttons on the remote. Use "." (period) for forward and "," (comma) for backward.

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Thanks yawor.  

I found flirc_util in the Program Files folder just as you suggested.  I should have looked there!  I'll look around at some of the other threads on how to use it.

I forgot exactly what message I got from the setup program, but I'll check again, keeping what you said in mind.  I was initially a bit confused and I may have actually tried to record the same button twice.

Thanks for the hint on Kodi kdy bindings as well.  I looked around the keyboard controls and missed the period and comma.

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