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Failure: Button already exists


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I have a problem while programming my flirc. I am able to program 4 or 5 keys, but after a few keys the failure-message is shown, that the key is already programmed. I have no chance to redo it, because the message won't dissapear.

I have two flirc. One 1st gen and the new one 2nd gen. I have had no problems while programming the 1st gen one. Maybe there is a problem with the firmware or the software? I have already updated the firmware but no change....

Maybe anybody can help me with this problem...

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What remote are you trying to use? Brand? Model?

Is it an universal remote? If yes, can you reprogram it to a different device and try again?

In Flirc GUI, go to Device log and enable IR debugging. Press some keys on your remote and save it to a file. Attach the file here.

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