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I've got a mini-PC running Win10x64.  Unfortunately it does not support WOL via the BIOS.  Since I'm primarily using it as a Kodi box, I'm looking for an alternate way to sleep/wake when not in use.  I have a Harmony Elite that I would like to use for this.  After some googling, I heard about Flirc, so I bought one and have been trying to figure out how to make this work.

One method I found was to create a desktop shortcut with some powercfg commands to sleep the computer with a key combination and mapping that to a button on the remote.  That actually worked, but only if the desktop had focus.  If Kodi was fullscreen, the button/key command did not work.  I tried programming the remote with additional power commands to try and send an alt+tab(or ctrl+alt+tab/win+tab), none of which worked(even with a delay in between).  Not sure if that was even a valid way of going about that.  I had no problems getting it to wake up though.  Pretty much any Flirc device command would wake the PC.

So I'd like to take a step back and see if anybody else has a solid solution that I could apply to my setup and can walk me through it.  I spent WAY too much time trying to figure this out on my own.


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