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Possible to Extract IR Code and Protocol via Flirc ?


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Hi guys,

I have a remote here that I would like to re-create in any of the free available Android IR apps. I do have the IR codes form the manufacturer, but not the IR protocol (so I cannot re-create the remote in an Android app yet).

This is a remote for a niche product, so the remote codes are not in any database.

Is it possible to extract the IR codes and IR protocol via Flirc ?

If so, what would be the workflow ? (plug into Windows, use software etc)

Thanks !


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Flirc doesn't keep original IR data. It calculates a hash value from an IR signal and stores it. The hash value is not reversible.

You could use IR debug if you have newer Flirc (the metal one, 2nd generation). In Flirc GUI there's a log window where you can enable IR debug. It will print out signal timings as a series of comma separated numbers. Each number is a time in microseconds and it's high and low signals interleaved (first 0 is low, then high, low, high, etc). You would still need to find some tool to detect and decode protocol used. You could try using IrScruntinizer but it doesn't accept format IR debug uses so you'd need to somehow convert the IR debug format into one accepted by the software.

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To fully analyse the signal you need non-demodulating IR receiver so the analysing software is able to also detect carrier frequency and duty cycle of the signal. I'm not sure if RPi is able to do that given that the Linux running on it is not a real time operating system. Look at the AGirs project. It's a firmware for Atmel's Atmega microprocessors which supports both demodulating and non-demodulating IR sensors and is compatible with IrScrutinizer. I think it's the cheapest way of getting a receiver for signal analysis.

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