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Adding extra Kodi Keys to Flirc


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I've read https://support.flirc.tv/hc/en-us/articles/204311525-Adding-functions-to-Flirc-s-XBMC-Kodi-Harmony-Profile. It only tells half the story. It creates a fake key- but I don't get how to map this key say to the letter "E" command for Kodi using the Flirc software. I'm missing something. It would be great if the link above was completed to show the whole process? But in the short term- how do I add extra commands to the Kodi selection in Flirc?


Ok now I have it working. Basically plug your flirc into a computer open the flirc app choose the keyboard profile and then the key for the Kodi command you want. Then press the fake button you created in the first steps above. That's it done. That's the missing info

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