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Flirc USB picks up volume commands from AVR remote


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I have the 2nd generation FLIRC and I use it a Raspberry Pi 2 running LibreELEC 8. I generally adjust the volume at the AVR. The AVR is a Marantz NR1504.

When I adjust the the volume the FLIRC also picks up these volume up/down signals and applys them to Kodi's internal volume control. So, the AVR and Kodi adjust the volume simultaneously, which results in quick volume changes.

How can I prevent this? Only the AVR should change the volume. I checked with the FLIRC software in full keyboard mode, but no keys are highlighted, when I press the volume buttons on the remote.

- Andi

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Maybe you've accidentally recorded vol up/down keys from your AVR remote while recording keys for Kodi. You can try erasing both vol up and down keys and then try it again.

There's also a chance that the AVR remote actually has a signal collision with the one recorded in Flirc (so it is actually recognised as the same signal).

The last thing that comes to my mind right now is that you maybe have HDMI CEC enabled and it's not Flirc that catches the signal but it's the AVR sending the volume change commands over the HDMI. You can try it by unplugging Flirc and then test the volume keys on your AVR remote.

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