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Alsa Pulse keymaps for Kodi


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Hello Everyone,

I am hoping to use the Kodi Audio Profile add-on to switch between my TV speakers and a pair of Bluetooth headphones. With the two options mapped to the channel up & down keys of my xbox media one remote.

Being a technical buffoon I'm not confident that I'll make a success of this project. Which is why I'm wondering if anyone has attempted or succeeded in this or something similar. And if they'd be prepared to help with some advice or perhaps baby-step me and others through the slightly convoluted process.

Thanks for your time and any help you can offer.


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For Flirc to execute any function in Kodi, the function first needs to be assigned to some keyboard key or key combination in the Kodi itself. If you already have keyboard shortcuts assigned to the audio profile switching operations, then configuring this in Flirc is as easy as mapping direction keys for example (just use Flirc GUI to assign your remote's buttons to the keyboard shortcuts).

As for the Kodi keyboard configuration and ability to even assign keyboard shortcuts to Audio Profile add-on, this is really not in the scope of this forum. You need to consult forums dedicated to Kodi (for example the official Kodi forum). You should look for instructions on how to add your shortcuts to keyboard.xml file and maybe ask the add-on authors to give some hints on what you need to call from the keyboard.xml file to switch the profile.

After you learn how to modify the Kodi the way you want, just select 2 keyboard shortcuts that are not yet used by it and assign them to specific audio profiles and use Flirc GUI to assign the same keyboard shortcuts to your remote's buttons.

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