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I am currently using an ATT Uverse remote to control my Mad Catz MOJO via Flirc on usb port. In order for it to work, you have to program the uverse remote first, then pair the remote keys to the flirc on the computer.

(This is done in the Uverse Menu>Help>Remote Programming)...

What I did was find a device that can me used on the AUX key. Manufacturer and model don't really matter, as long as all the keys you want to use are available on the remote. What I mean by that is, if you program the uverse remote to say, a Sony audio receiver, and use the code 3001...It might not take advantage of the arrow keys, or the OK key, or the play/pause button...You have to keep trying codes that give you the most options...I.E.: Find the code that allows the arrow keys, the OK key, the menu key, play/pause, etc to be functional within the AUX profile, meaning the AUX button lights up when you press the key...

I haven't found a perfect code yet, but I'm still playing with it. But I was able to map out pretty much everything I need. (The number keys at the bottom of the uverse remote cannot be mapped, as I cannot for the life of me find an AUX code that can take advantage of them...Every number pad press lights up the ATT button at the top of the remote.)

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