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Command Line Sensitivity Setting


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There was never a sensitivity setting. You're probably referring to interkey delay setting. It's still supported for Flirc v1 (or 1st gen: Flirc USB in plastic cover and Flirc SE). For Flirc v2 (or 2nd gen) it's not supported anymore as the key repeat detection algorithm has been changed so that setting isn't needed.

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I don't think so. Which Flirc do you have and which remote control? If it's an universal remote, then what device profile are you trying to use?

It's important to know, that Flirc's IR receiver is really sensitive and you should not point your remote directly at it from a short distance during recording, because the receiver may receive overdriven signal which can be misinterpreted. You should either record your buttons from some distance or point the remote in a different direction (for example at the ceiling). The signal will bounce off a ceiling or walls and will go back to the receiver with much less power.

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