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Flirc USB (v2) ghost key events at Windows 10


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I bought Flirc USB (v2) a couple weeks ago and I have annoying problem with it in this setup: Windows 10, ASRock D1800B-ITX mainboard, Mediaportal 1.15.0/1.16.0pre and Harmony 650 remote.

After connecting Flirc to PC, Flirc will work 5-60 minutes, but then it starts to generate key events at least for 1, 2, left and right arrow keys. If remote controller is used in this state, it seems that remote buttons are “reset” to generate those same 1, 2 and arrow keys.
I have tried to change Flirc to different USB ports and used a powered USB hub, but the problem still exists. Only temporary solution is to reconnect Flirc.
I have checked flirc-util.exe, but there is everything ok. I also updated Flirc to latest firmware, but it didn’t help with this problem.

Any ideas what causes this?


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