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Need help with Flirc/PS4/Harmony Elite


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I am really having a hard time getting flirc to work with my Harmony Elite remote and PS4. I set up the Harmony with the PS4 and when i get into the Amazon or plex app the remote does nothing!

I see different posts of getting the fliric to work with the PS4 and the Elite remote and i can not get it set up. I understand i have to manually turn on the PS4 but i want to control it from my harmony once i get into Amazon and Plex Apps. I'm hoping this is possible.I remember a few years ago i had the PS3 and had the first version of the flirc and it was easy to set up. This is giving me fits. I hope someone can give me some good step by step instructions to make all my components work well together.

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I'm not up to the speed with the PS4 so I'm not sure what may be going wrong. You can plug any standard USB keyboard and try if you can control your PS4 with it. Flirc uses the same HID protocol as an USB keyboard, so as long as you are able to control a device with an USB keyboard you should be able to do the same with Flirc.

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