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FLIRC disconnected after resume from sleep


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My FLIRC is getting disconnected (as in, the GUI has a sad face and says "disconnected") after I resume my HTPC from sleep mode.

Rebooting is fine - it's only when I put the machine to sleep and then resume that I experience this issue.

Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-H170-HD3 - I've been through all the BIOS settings and tried to make sure all USB and wake from USB etc settings are turned on.

Related to this is that I cannot get the machine to resume using the remote - but that's kind of expected I guess if the FLIRC is getting disconnected in sleep mode.

I've set my Harmony remote to use a a Panasonic TV remote which I have mapped to the full keyboard in FLIRC.

Interestingly, the GUI says recording the keypress for wake from sleep was successful, but when I touch that button on the remote, the sleep key in the GUI doesn't light up like the other keys do.

Any suggestions?

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After some further testing, I've discovered the following:

  1. putting the computer into sleep mode and then waking it up again will stop the FLIRC from connecting (shows up as "disconnected" in the GUI)
  2. shutting the computer down is not enough to fix the problem (although pulling the FLIRC physically out of the USB port and reinserting it is)
  3. cutting power to the power supply of the computer WILL fix the problem allowing the FLIRC to reconnect upon restarting (shows up as "connected" in the GUI).

I've tried disabling fast boot, turning on all the USB power options (and disabling all USB power-saving options) I can find, disabling hybrid sleep in Windows 10 and it's not helping.

I'm pretty sure it's related to USB power in sleep mode - but I'm not exactly sure how to address the issue.

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More research ... tried the FLIRC in my Lenovo T510 ThinkPad

  1. FLIRC plugged into regular USB port on side, putting the computer into sleep mode and then waking it up again will stop the FLIRC from connecting
  2. shutting the computer down and removing the battery isn't enough to fix the problem, nor is removing the FLIRC and reinserting it ... I had to remove the FLIRC, reboot the laptop and then reinsert and only then would it reconnect
  3. FLIRC plugged into "always on" USB port on back, putting the computer into sleep mode and then waking it up again will stop the FLIRC from connecting (just like the other port) ... however:
  4. rebooting the computer was enough to get the FLIRC reconnected when plugged into the rear USB port
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The plot thickens ... due to a quirk in the way I ordered by FLIRC, I actually ended up with both the old version of the FLIRC as well as a new one. I hadn't even opened the packet on the old one - all this testing has been on the new FLIRC.

So anyway, I tried swapping in the old FLIRC and immediately had success - I could suspend the computer and it connected automatically when I resumed ... and with a bit of reprogramming I was able to successfully put the computer to sleep and then resume from sleep using nothing but the remote.

So the old FLIRC is doing exactly what I expect it should ... it's the new version which isn't working.

Is this an expected change in behaviour in the new version or do I have a faulty FLIRC?

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I also have the same issues with my new flirc. There is a topic in the general questions board with people having the same issues with their new flirc. This is my first flirc, so unfortunately I do not have the old flirc to fall back on to until the new one is fixed, I'm just waiting and hoping this will be resolved in the next firmware update.

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Hi all,

Please be patient, this is a totally new hardware comparing to the old Flirc so it requires a different approach to implement the same or equivalent features that worked properly on old hardware.

Please remember, that Flirc is being developed by a single person and it's hard to test every single hardware combination out there. Jason already knows that there's an issue with waking up and I'm sure this is being worked on. It's not a simple feature. Old Flirc users may also remember how much time it took for this feature to become stable. I think this time it won't take that much time.

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