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  1. Thanks for the efforts guys... I use an ASUS Chromebox with OPENELEC over WiFi attached to an HDMI switch (that switches inputs when the device is powered on or put to sleep)... and the ability to wake the device is the reason I bought the flirc... Hopefully what you guys figure out will work for my setup as well.
  2. same issue... it'd be easier to be patient if there were some updates of it being worked on, possible work around, or something
  3. I would purchase something else... not impressed with the support or communication from the developers regarding issues
  4. Chalk me up as another user having this issue... I bought the flirc specifically so i could suspend and resume my openelec chromebox... I only have WIFI, and my TV only has 1 HDMI with a HDMI switch... so I have to suspend the chromebox to switch sources back to DISH... Please address this ASAP
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