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Harmony 650 and MCE Keyboard


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  I use a Flirc with Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 3.  All works well but now I have started using a Harmony 650 remote.  I have added the "Windows Media Player" (Windows MCE Keyboard) to the harmony remote, assigned the letter "e" key to one button and the letter "t" key to another.  When I try to program those buttons on the Flirc full keyboard the first works fine but when I try to register the second it tells me the key is already assigned.   It is like the Flirc sees those two separate buttons as the same?


If I then plug the Flirc into my PC and open notepad then press the key I programmed with "e" the character and assigned to the "e" key in Flirc, "e" is correctly displayed in notepad.  If I erase the mapping for the e key on the Flirc then program the "t" key in Flirc with the "t" button I assigned on the Harmony then repeat the same notepad test it displays "e" instead of "t".


Has anyone had any similar experience?  It is like the Flirc is not able to distinguish between the two different commands coming from the Harmony or it sees them as the same?



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