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not reliably reading remotes - can repeat learn same key?


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I am having trouble with the Flirc. The remote key presses seem to be unreliably read, both during programming and when in use. This is happening with three different remotes and two different computers.


Here is what I am experiencing. I can clear the device then use a xbox 360 media remote to program, and program the left arrow key once. After that I get very intermittent left when pressing left on the remote. So I return to programming and I program left a number of more times. Sometimes it says the key is already recorded, but sometimes it does not. It seems I can move the remote around and record left about 4, maybe more, times. This suggests to me that the remote is producing at least four different codes for the one left key, or at least that the flirc is reading four different codes. Doing this improves things (although makes programming take a lot longer). So I do this for a number of keys, and find they all take multiple programming (2 to 4 times) for each key. However, now I get errors such as the number 3 key is giving a 2 sometimes.


All this points to the Flirc not accurately reading the codes, or at least not reliably. Is this expected, or do I have a bad unit?


I’m running the latest software and have updated the firmware to 3.8. Removes tried are a Media Center Remote, Xbox 360 media remote and Roku SoundBridge remote. Computes are a Windows 10 laptop and a Raspberry Pi 3 running OpenElec/Kodi.

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going by other posts it sounds like 3.8 has issues with RC6 code while 3.1 did not. How do I find the 3.1 firmware to downgrade?

I bought this to control kodi on a Pi3 using an xbox 360 media remote or a MCE remote. Currently it is failing completely to fulfill this need. I wanted to ask here before reviewing on Amazon.

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