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1 problem and a couple setup questions (I am new)


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My setup: Flirc plugged into an Nvidia Shield TV (Android 6). Setup was done on a Windows 7 machine. Firmware on my Flirc was updated today (v3.8 I believe). Remote is a Harmony One with the WMC configuration (with some keys added in). 

Setting up a new Nvidia shield this weekend (running Kodi) and the remote is setup for a Core2Quad WMC HTPC in the same room. As I mentioned I have 1 problem and a couple setup questions.

First the setup questions?

  • How do I setup my Flirc so I can hold down a button (long press)?
  • How do I setup my Flirc so I can hold down a button and it will repeat the keystroke over and over till I release the button?
  • So "ESC" seems to be the Android back button, but what is the Android enter button? The enter on the "full keyboard" doesn't seem to work.
  • How do I map a "menu" key? By menu I mean like the button to open the 3 dot menu for apps that do not have a 3 dot menu (apps that are made for a phone).

Now to the problem? After mapping keys, doing anything requires double tapping the remote. So if I want to go up I have to press the "up" button twice. If I want to select anything i have to press the "OK" button twice, etc. Any idea what I did wrong and how to fix this?

Thank you!


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As for the double tap issue: either don't use WMC profile (or any profile using RC6 protocol) or record each key twice (with the same key combination in Flirc GUI).

The WMC uses RC6 protocol which has an alternating bit value in the signal on each press of the button. As Flirc doesn't decode the data and uses its own algorithm to convert signal to some value it can store, a single bit change in the consecutive button presses causes the signal to look like a different key to Flirc firmware. Recording each button to the same key combination in Flirc GUI resolves this but requires more work.

You are not required to use WMC. You can use a profile for almost any device. For example you can use a profile for a TV from a different manufacturer than you physically have. I'm using some newer Samsung TV profile on my remote (not Harmony) which uses NECx2 protocol. If you have Samsung TV then you can use for example a profile for LG TV (it usually uses NEC1 protocol which also works very well - all NEC family protocols should). I don't have any issues with NEC protocols and key repeat on remote button hold works good - this could also help you with one of your questions.

At this time Flirc doesn't have an option for long press. This means you can't map different key or key combination to short and long press of the same button (unless the remote itself has long press option and can map different signals but to Flirc then these are 2 different buttons). On the other hand, if the signal timing is right, Flirc can simulate holding keyboard key down as long as the remote button is pressed. This should cause key repeat in the operating system of the device Flirc is connected to. You can tune this by some degree by changing inter-key delay value in Flirc GUI advanced settings. It may be also dependant on the remote protocol being used in the profile (as I've mentioned above).

As for the other 2 questions I can't help you as I'm not using Flirc with any Android device.

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Thank you! Changing the remote emulation from WMC fixed all but the Android specific problems.

A quick follow up question, yesterday the FLIRC windows software highlighted keys on the virtual keyboard when I pressed the buttons on teh remote. This showed me the current mapping of a remote button. Today it does not do this anymore. I am about to restart my desktop to see if that fixes it, but, other than that, how do I bring this functionality back?

Thanks again!

Edit: Reboot worked but then it didn't. Rebooted again and it worked again. I guess rebooting is the answer here. Thanks!

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