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[XBMC] - Sony TV - Harmony One


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I'm trying to figure this one out but seem to be at a brickwall. I have a Sony TV in our bedroom with a Zotac Nano PC behind it running OpenELEC (XBMC).

Now I've read the threads about defining another TV profile in the Harmony software. Now where I hit the brick wall is when I want to create an activity to watch a movie. The activity will turn on the TV and switch to HDMI 1 input for my XBMC box.

But how do you tell the Harmony One to use the additional TV profile so it can send the proper commands so I can navigate and watch a movie with XBMC?

Any additional information in this area would be greatly apprecieated.

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We generally have recommended TV profiles to use flirc as they have desirable scrolling frequency. Although I haven't tested other devices very comprehensively.

It may be worth experimenting with other device profiles to see if you get a good usage model out of flirc and harmony. Post back here if you do find a better fit.

Pleasant regards


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