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What the F-bomb am I doing wrong?


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Want to set up Nvidia Shield running Kodi with a Harmony 900.

I set this up with the Harmony software. Checking the 'customize buttons' option after I see presets for the Shield as well as my receiver for volume.

Don't see a single thing for the Flirc even though it says here https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200712568-Logitech-Harmony-Remotes that "You should be good to go - you don't need to program buttons using the Flirc gui, we've done that for you."

Even after setting commands in the customize buttons on the Harmony software and I plug the Flirc in my Shield it does nothing.
Nothing is programmed. If I run the Flirc software and try to manually program buttons pressing a button on my Harmony does nothing. I tried other 'IR' remotes and it worked.

Is this because the Harmony is an RF remote? If so how am I supposed to program it? Why wasn't it programmed automatically?

All software for Harmony and Flirc is up to date?

Can someone help me out with a step by step? This should have been an effortless install but I've already wasted at least an hour.


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Ok, so I have it figured out I think. Didn't test on the Shield yet but its working on the computer.

One or two things in combination I didn't do.

#1 First thing you need to do is start the 'activity' with the Harmony remote.

#2 You have to have the button assigned with the 'customize buttons' option in the Harmony software. Apparantly a button can't be assigned in Flirc if its not assigned in Harmony first....which is logical I guess as if its not assigned in the Harmony menu the the remote is not sending a signal when the button is pushed.

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Ok, I lied. Its not working. Things register ok on my PC but not on my Shield. Besides cramming this dongle into the Shield is there anything I have to do to activate it or get it running? How do I know if the Nvidia recognized it?

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