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So I use a Nvidia Shield TV but it won't do 5.1 on Netflix and HBO GO but my FireTV does it but I hate the FireTV UI which is horrid.

So I want to use Nvidia Shield TV for everything but Netflix and HBO GO . I plan to use Netflix and HBO GO on FireTV.

I am not sure this is even possible and it very well might not be but my plan is to use FLIRC + Harmony Elite + FireTV in such a way that I can launch Netflix(and HBO GO)on FireTV just by pressing a button on the remote while I am on Nvidia Shield TV home screen or if the TV is off. 

So I ideally I want a setup on which I can launch Netflix and HBO GO on FireTV without having to go through that horrid UI and someone told me FLIRC can do that . I found it a bit surprising so I figured I will post it here and find out  and pull the trigger if it does that for me! 

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