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When I try and erase ANY key I get "erasing cancelled".  I assume there is a reason for this but I cannot find it.  I have, for instance, tried to erase the '1' key and get that answer irregardless of what controller I choose.   If, however, I just click on the key it wants me to enter a value.  I assume that it would not do that if the key was already assigned which confuses further, especially given the fact that this happens even when I know that the key is assigned.  I just tested and found that I can assign a given key to multiple choices.  I have also found out that anytime I try to erase a given key I get "erasing cancelled". 

I should add that I searched for "erasing cancelled" on your site and, nowhere, was this found.






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Do you try to erase by pressing ERASE and then a key in the GUI? You should press ERASE and the press a button on the remote you want to erase.

Also you can assign multiple remote button codes to the same keyboard key or key combination - you just can't have multiple keyboard key or key combinations assigned to the same remote button.

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