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  1. I have been trying to program a remote for Kodi running under Ubuntu 14.40 There seems to be a genuine dearth of documentation on the Flirc so I finally gave up asking questions and started working with it. The only real Flirc problem is the backspace key on the keyboard. For some wired reason no matter how this one is programmed it seems to always come up 'ESC' Since I am dealing with Kodi this really doesn't make much difference as the 'ESC' key works the same as the backspace in most instances. So, the first thing I learned is that one can, for instance, program a remote using both the Kodi configuration, and the full keyboard configuration - Flirc just doesn't care! The problem, which I find strange, is that if you program a key in the full keyboard mode whatever you program does not appear on the Kodi configuration and the opposite is also true. So, if you want to test your remote you have to goto both configurations to see if your remote is putting out the right signal. If, for instance, you program something from the full keyboard configuration, or any other, and then you goto another scheme and try and program the same key again, it lets you try and then tells you that its already used (or something like that). I now have a fairly functional way to program a remote. I went up to Goodwill and bought 4 remotes, put batteries in them, and just had at it. It takes me about 20 minutes to program a remote and test it. I started off with a harmony 650 but quickly remember why I wasn't using it in the first place. It was old and all the keys are not working so I just tossed that and moved onto the other remotes. First thing I do is to list all the available keys on a given remote. After than I goto the Kodi keymap http://kodi.wiki/view/Keyboard_controls and start at the top of both the remote keys and the aforementioned keymap. There are a LOT of Kodi keys! That being said I don't use them all. I do not, for instance, use Kodi for live tv which uses up quite a few keys. Anyway, I just start assigning keys. I goto the Kodi configuration first and assign all those keys and then move onto the full keyboard to assign any other keys not included in the Kodi configuration. Anyway, I also notice that Flirc can make things a bit easier if they were to support wireless as well as IR. To go one step further would be to have a usb port on it so that one could simply plug in a usb keyboard and start programming the Flirc, same with the wireless. As far as I can tell Flirc really doesn't care (except in the case of the strange backspace thing). All it really does is remember the codes programmed into it for a specific remote/keyboard/whatever. I should also mention the configuration file thing. The program really doesn't care about the name of the file but it DOES care about the extension. The extension of a configuration file is .fcfg, without that the Flirc program will not recognize it. Anyway, I thought I would try and write this down and send it off for the heck of it.
  2. thanks for the reply! To answer the first question I do press erase and then the button to erase - ahhhhhhh! I am doing it wrong. I thought I was suppose to click on the button on the screen. Sorry .............
  3. When I try and erase ANY key I get "erasing cancelled". I assume there is a reason for this but I cannot find it. I have, for instance, tried to erase the '1' key and get that answer irregardless of what controller I choose. If, however, I just click on the key it wants me to enter a value. I assume that it would not do that if the key was already assigned which confuses further, especially given the fact that this happens even when I know that the key is assigned. I just tested and found that I can assign a given key to multiple choices. I have also found out that anytime I try to erase a given key I get "erasing cancelled". I should add that I searched for "erasing cancelled" on your site and, nowhere, was this found. Thoughts?
  4. Is the name of the configuration file in stone or can one change the basic name (leaving he file extension as is) Thank you............
  5. greg

    setup harmony 650

    I am starting to setup flirc and a harmony 650 remote. I have the flirc software installed and have gone to myharmony and setup the remote (new device (flirc and XBMC)). When I setup the remote, and the new device (oh, also updated the firmware). I am stopped until I can get some of these questions answered as I don't want to screw anything up (I am VERY good at screwing stuff up <G>) The inference was that once I had done all of that everything was good to go. I have also read about configuration files that are available for the remote. My first question is do I need to download and put a configuration file in a folder that the remote can deal with or am I done? I have also downloaded a list of commands (what button does what). I am not sure if its the latest but I do see that one command was missing (sending 't' to see when something being watched, ends). I also have question(s) about how I deal with different machine. My wife has a windows machine which is the only windows machine we have. I run with ubuntu (linux). My problem is simple, I can't use my wife's machine to continue setting stuff up and I think I can just hook everything up to one of my other machines and just start checking and setting up and then move everything to the actual machine that will be running xbmc/kodi (have have a computer hooked to my tv that runs xbmc/kodi on my tv). Then there is the harmony 650. This was initially setup to control a system with a samsung television. So, when I printed out the setup stuff it told me that when a specific harmony key was pressed x was sent to the flirc/system. What was interesting about the list is that it listed not only the flirc key command but the samsung (tv I think) commands sent to the samsung tv. My suspicion is that I should delete the samsung tv from the harmony 650 but thought I had better ask the question. Thank you ..........................
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