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Flirc+Amazon FireTV + Harmony 650 - Setup IR?


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I have a Flirc & Harmony setup with my amazon fire & it works well.  I also have a MX-850 universal remote.  I would like to teach that remote the Harmony codes for the amazon fire.  When I go into learn mode, it seems that the Harmony doesnt output IR.  Is there a way to force the Harmony to output whatever settings it uses for the Amazon Fire TV?

The reason is so I can have two remotes in the room & I already own the MX-850.



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Where do you plug in the Flirc on a Fire TV?  Does the Flirc need to be plugged directly into the device it controls?   Or is the Flirc like a Hub/Switch and it only needs USB power to work?  I understand how to program the Flirc, but, I don't know where to plug the Flirc hardware into the Fire TV.  So many people say it works with the Fire TV, but, I haven't really seen anyone mention where the Flirc plugs into on the Fire TV or only if the Flirc needs USB power after it's programmed.


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