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  1. Thank you! That will get me started on rooting!
  2. Ok, that would work! I see a USB OTG: https://www.amazon.com/Micro-Cable-Power-Samsung-Player/dp/B00CXAC1ZW Now, where can I find the instructions to ROOT and connect FLIRC to USB OTG on Fire TV Stick? I'm not afraid to ROOT the device, just need some guidance on where to find this setup. Thank you!
  3. That makes sense now. I didn't realize there was different versions. Thank you.
  4. Can Anyone Explain to me how to connect the Flirc to the Fire TV? I have two visible ports on the Fire TV: 1) HDMI Video Port. 2) Micro-USB B Female Port (For Power) My Fire TV Model is W87CUN. See photo attached. Thank you!
  5. Where do you plug in the Flirc on a Fire TV? Does the Flirc need to be plugged directly into the device it controls? Or is the Flirc like a Hub/Switch and it only needs USB power to work? I understand how to program the Flirc, but, I don't know where to plug the Flirc hardware into the Fire TV. So many people say it works with the Fire TV, but, I haven't really seen anyone mention where the Flirc plugs into on the Fire TV or only if the Flirc needs USB power after it's programmed. Thanks!
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