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Win 10 installer problem - FYI


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I just received the flirc today. Plugged it into my PC - running Win 10 Home x64 - and it showed up as an unrecognized device. Downloaded the gui and while that seemed to install ok, it showed my device was not attached. Tried deleting the device and plugging it back in, but same thing - device unrecognized. I tried updating the device driver and choosing both inf files from the installed driver directory, but that wouldn't work either. Finally I manually ran installer_x64.exe (or was it wdi-simple-64.exe - darn, I don't recall) as admin and then the device was recognized.

So, my problems are solved but thought I'd let you know something isn't quite right with the installer. If there's anything I can do or provide to help, let me know.

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Make sure to install Flirc software on PC Flirc will be plugged into.

FYI: I configured Flirc on a different PC so until I ran the Flirc.exe on my Win10 box (where Flirc was plugged in) the Flirc was showing up as an unrecognized device in device manager however it was working OK EXCEPT for the "Wake" key (on Flirc Full Keyboard profile) which would only wake from Sleep.
After running Flirc.exe the Flirc is correctly recognized in device manager AND Wake now wakes PC from a full shutdown.

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@flurcme please don't post incorrect information. Standard Flirc device (not Flirc-SE, but the normal, USB stick format one) doesn't allow waking from full shutdown. There may be some motherboards that allow powering up from S5 from USB device, but it's not a standard behaviour and is not supported in any way.

Only supported solution for powering up from S5 with Flirc is to use Flirc-SE. In addition to USB connection it's also connected to motherboard's power button pins which allows to wake/power up from any state.

Also the wake functionality has nothing to do which whether Flirc drivers are installed or not. Drivers are only needed for communication with Flirc software for programming purposes. Flirc is an USB composite device which provides 2 "virtual" devices. One is for programming with Flirc software (this one need the drivers to be installed) and another one which acts as an USB HID keyboard - this uses HID keyboard drivers which are already in the system. The wake functionality also uses keyboard part.

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Apologies for my use of "full shutdown". What I should have said is that "...AND Wake now wakes PC from a S3 sleep"
(I had forgot that I changed the Power off settings in my BIOS from S5 to S3 in order to turn on my PC using Wake On Lan (WoL) and/or input from USB from Flirc)
Also by installing the Flirc sware you get rid of the "Unrecognised device" in device manager.

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