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Going to return my Harmony 700


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Hi all

I've been hugely frustrated by the "slow" feel of the Harmony 700 I bought to use with my HTPC + flirc.

I've tried using various different device profiles on the Harmony software (Panasonic TV as per another thread, Sky+ HD controller, Windows Media Centre profile), but I always seem to get annoying amounts of lag. It's not huge, but enough that it doesn't feel as natural as a normal remote.

I've tried setting the delays on the Harmony to zero, and I've changed sensitivity to zero on my flirc, with no real improvement.

Just as a test, I reset my flirc and recorded a few new commands from my plain old Sony Bravia remote. The difference was amazing - it felt very snappy to use. This confirms my belief that the flirc isn't causing the lag.

Do all-in-one remotes just have more lag associated with them due to the added complexity? Am I setting my expectations too high? At this point I'm thinking of just setting the Harmony and finding an old "simple" DVD remote or such that works better.


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Hi spazbob, welcome to the forums!

I believe you can adjust various things such as interkey delay etc (http://blog.logitech...he-help-button/)

Another test you could do is program the harmony remote as the sony bravia remote (using the model number too) that way you could even more certain it was the harmony remote (as your are trying to emulate a remote that is functioning as expected).

Thanks for posting, I do find your findings interesting,

Pleasant regards


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Are you still not using your Harmony? Curious if you figured out a way around the lag. I don't think it's the remote considering the fact that I've been using my Harmony for the past 2 years perfectly with a different USB receiver. I was using a Windows Remote profile so maybe I should try switching back to that

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