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Using XBox One console as the remote


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In searching for a way to get Kodi running on my XBox One, I ran across this site:


I have not had a chance to play around with this yet.  However the author uses Eventghost and a MCE IR dongle.  That combination is what FLIRC makes unnecessary.  Much of the author's guide is dedicated to getting that combination to work correctly with the XBone.  I'm wondering if anyone here has played around with this sort of a setup using FLIRC, and gotten it to work.

I may try to find some time this week to play with this, but am pretty busy for the next several weeks.  This looks very promising though!

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To clarify: the main crux of this idea is basically using the XBox One console itself as the remote control.  This is possible because of two things: the XBox One has a built-in IR repeater/blaster (of sorts). This is how it controls other devices in your home system.  The XB1 can turn on your TV set the correct input, turn your your AV receiver, set the correct input, etc.  It can also control (and display output from) your cable box.....

That last part is the other key.  The XB1 has an HDMI *input* that is intended to accept cable tuner boxes.  However people have plugged in all sorts of devices to that port, from Kodi/xbmc boxes, to chrome sticks, to Amazon Fire TV sticks.

The problem that often arises here is the ability to control the secondary device via the xb1 controller.  The xb1 controller is a bluetooth controller.  When used to control a connected cable box, the bluetooth commands from the controller are translated by the xb1 to IR commands and blasted out to the cable box.

So what I'm thinking is that the FLIRC, connected to a PC (e.g. a Kodi box) could translate xb1 IR blasted controller commands to keyboard keys for the PC.

Knowing what I do about FLIRC (not a whole lot) this will involve picking an appropriate "brand/model" for the "cable box" that the xb1 thinks it's connected to.

If anyone has any suggestions on what cable box brand to use that'd be great.

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Ha... I guess I'll be on my own here.  Should be interesting.  There are many remote codes to choose from for the XB1 to emulate.  The htpc is labelled as a "media center PC" in the xb1 setup, but then you have to enter a remote code.  Not sure there...

Any tips on how to trial and error this?


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