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Having a heck of a time getting the flirc to play nice with both xbmc and mc7. I does anybody have any experience with using this reg file?


Just trying to make this as wife proof as possible before I leave on business.

mc7 strictly for live tv. xbmc for everything else.

I am confused in the order in which all steps should be taken and which options to use. Basically everything.

In the logitech software - add media center pc -> microsoft -> se.

In the flirc software which configuration option do I use? windows media (which has no up/down chan buttons btw)? Full keyboard? xbmc.

I have configured this option and enabled the MCE remote addon in xbmc and had 0 luck. Not sure what else to do...

Is there anybody else out there with a similar setup that can make suggestions? Once this is all said and done will be happy to create a tutorial for the site as this has lead to much frustration.

thank you

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I'm in a similar scenario. Win7 nettop with XBMC as the primary app. I exit XBMC and use 7MC for live TV (premium channels), and I use XBMC for everything else (including LiveTV... although still working on that)

Anyway, I'm not sure how I'll set this up on the Harmony remote, which up to now (before adding Live TV & thus 7MC to the mix) I've had working fine using Eskro's recommended way of setting up Harmony remotes.

I'm also not even sure how to map 7MC commands to the FLIRC. 7MC uses key-combinations for almost everything ctrl+this ctrl+that. Very few single key presses.

Any help/advice?

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well not really sure what is the problem,

sorry my English is not best :/.

I do not use many key combos,but flirc should handle them just fine.

I think what you need to do first is configure your remote to work with mc7.

Keyboard input in XBMC is as flexible as possible - you can assign any key to any function.

And in addition as member said you can use eventghost on windows - it is light, fast and has lots of options.

I even used it to keep my XBMC in focus - when I had problems with startup programs stealing focus on

my win 7 machine.



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