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Fire TV 2 with Kodi / Logitech Ultimate One / Unsure about the right configuration


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I am using a Fire TV (2nd generation) with the latest KODI installed. Furthermore I am using a Logitech Harmony Ultimate One. 

As I have found different postings here, I am a little bit unsure which configuration fits best.

First I have to select a controller preset with the flirc-software. I can choose XBMC (=KODI) or Fire TV. As I do have a Fire TV, but with KODI installed, which

setting fits more? And does it make a difference if it's a Fire TV 1st gen oder 2nd gen?

Furthermore I have to install a new device with my Logitech software. Again, I can choose between Flirc/Kodi and Flirc/Fire TV. Which one to choose? I guess, the often mentioned "Media Center PC" as a device is obsolete?

Is there anything more to do? Is every button from the original Amazon RC now available on my Logitech Harmony?

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here's how i did (today, as it were):

1) created a device "flirc fireTV" in harmony-software, mapped the keys accordingly.

2) fired up the flirc-software, chose the fireTV template, programmed the buttons.

3) turned off USB-debugging on fireTV after a dozen trials and errors with no reaction from the fireTV to any kind of buttonpresses whatsoever.

trust me, step 3 is absolutely necessary. you want to disable USB-debugging, or this thing is not going to work... like, at all :D don't worry though, once you disable it, you're good to go, and everything should work perfectly. wish you the best of luck, i'm enjoying this immensely already, finally having my one-remote-to-rule-them-all-setup back up and running again :D

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