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Controlling Amazon Fire TV and Xfinity with Xfinity remote


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Hello, I have a fairly basic question I believe, but couldn't seem to find an answer to this. I want to know how this works when switching between two devices with one remote, once controlled by flirc and one not. Is there a way to program a button to switch between devices or stop/start controlling the flirc device?

I have a simple setup. LG TV, Xfinity Cable, Amazon Fire TV. I want to control all three with the Xfinity remote (Don't want to give up the voice search on Xfinity).

So I plan on using the Flirc in the Amazon fire TV since it doesn't have IR. I have read that the Flirc works with the Fire TV and that it works with the Xfinity remote. I want to know if when I am scrolling through channels on the cable input if all the key presses will also be taking place on my Amazon Fire TV, and vice versa. What I have read is that it will be controlling both at once. Is there a way to switch it between the two? Or turn it off? Ideally it would just turn off/on depending on the input, but I know that is asking a lot.


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If the remote is an universal one and capable of controlling more than one device (they usually have buttons named TV, DVR, SAT etc that switch between devices) then all you have to do is to pair only a single device/setup code on the remote with the Flirc and it should be the one that doesn't control any other hardware you have. For example you have three devices, so you need to setup your TV as one device on the remote, then the Xfinity Cable as another and then you need to choose some device type and maker you don't own physically and set it as 3rd device on the remote and pair it with Flirc using Flirc software. You'll probably need to do some experimentation with the 3rd device and find a setup code which works best for you (so Flirc is fully responsive and recognizes all the keys as unique properly and also the remote is using most or all the buttons it has).

Of course it all depends on how many devices can be set up on the remote. You obviously need at least 3.

As for the instructions to set up the remote it's something you need to read in the remote's manual or ask Xfinity support or maybe their community (if there is one).

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