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Removing SD card from Flirc case with Raspberry pi 3


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Yea i read a bit about that and put a piece of tape on the sd card.

My thermal pad tore when i was removing the plastic even though i was careful... i stuck it on the heat slug anyway and just hope it doesnt damage the pi.   Does anyone know how i can get a spare thermal pad?

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You should be able to buy thermal pads in most computer/electronic stores. You can even buy a little thicker one, as CPU on RPi2 and RPi3 has lower profile than that on RPi B+, for which the case was originally designed. Also you should place the side with glue on the heat sink post in the case, not the CPU. Then you won't have an issue when replacing RPi board in the future.

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Thanks for the reply.  I found a place online that sells 1mm pads; however, it seems that the supplied pad is already 1.4mm, so maybe a 2mm pad is in order?

Also, if the glued side really should be towards the case, then perhaps the FAQ needs tweaking:

Q9:  How do I attach the Thermal Pad?

A9:  No right answer here. Remove the thermal tape plastic pieces and apply to the case's heat slug. That's it. You can also apply it to the chip, either one is fine.

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Maybe I've used wrong wording in my post (English is not my primary language :)). Writing "should" I've meant only that doing it this way you don't loose the pad when you upgrade your Pi in the future. From purely technical point of view (the way the head is transferred) there is no preferred way of placing the pad, but if you stick it to the CPU then the removal attempt may end in damaging the pad making it impossible to reuse it.

I would go with 2 mm ones.

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