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It's not possible to get raw data from IR receiver chip. The data is always processed by the micro-controller in Flirc and its hash is stored in onchip EEPROM memory. You can display all recorded hashes with assigned keys using flirc_util command line program.

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I wonder if purpleman meant something like:

flirc_util monitor

which would just loop displaying messages like "2676D097 pressed".

Couldn't this be emulated by

1. Saving the current config to a tmp file (flirc_util saveconfig)

2: Run a loop where you:

2a: Delete all keys recorded (flirc_util format)

2b: continuously record whatever key (flirc_util record a),

2c: grep the key hash from the "flirc_util keys" list (which only contain one item)

2d: Go to 2a

3: Reload the old config from tmp file (flirc_util loadconfig)

This could pretty easily be converted to a Linux or Windows script.

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@jonascj yes, you're correct. You (or anyone else) are also more than welcome to create such a script and post it on the forum :). But I don't know how long the internal EEPROM memory would last (it is susceptible to wear out in the same manner as all flash memory based devices are). If you really need such script I think a better solution would be not to format Flirc after every key but to first fill it's memory with more keys (or key combinations). That way you can test about 170 key presses before you need to format the device and start again. Also the wear would be much smaller because you wouldn't always use the same spot in the memory to record only single key.

The thing is the hash is not reversible so it doesn't tell you anything about the original signal's properties (like protocol used, button code etc). Flirc's firmware just tries as hard as it can to create an unique hash (sometimes failing for some exotic protocols or signal frequencies) from the raw data it receives from the IR receiver module.

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