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[WINDOWS] Using Shortcut key and flirc


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Hi all

I'm seeing some confusing behaviour when using a shortcut key to launch an application with flirc. RUnning Win7

I'm starting XBMC using CTRL-ALT-X assigned as a shortcut key in the desktop shortcut for XBMC. This is then assigned to a button on the remote. This is the same set up as described I have have a harmony 785 na dhave set it up similar to the guide here using the panasonic TV.

The shortcut key works fine when I start the computer from a cold boot (is just restarted or previosly shutdown) however if the PC has gone to sleep (S3) at some stage and I wake it the shortcut key no longer works. I can start XBMC manually and then all remote commends within XBMC mapped with flirc work fine.

I'd first like to verify that flirc is still sending the CTRL-ALT-X. I normally use notepad to test what flirc is sending but I can't do this with multiple key presses - is there an app that can identify what key presses are being sent?

I'm assuming that this is some sort of issue with Windows rather than flirc but can't work out a way to test it. Has anyone else has experienced similar behaviour?

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Hi rocketpants, welcome to the Flirc forums (nice to see a familiar XBMC forum user),

I don't use windows so can't verify but back in the day it used to have windows on-screen keyboard (part of accessibility options) - that may show what keys are being pressed.

Also a great user made a little utility which I believe can test combinations (but again; I can't test it):

Or you could try mapping a different combination to open XBMC (one that could be seen in notepad or just another combination )

Pleasant regards,


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Cheers Chris,

Your post on the XBMC home page is the reason I am here - and probably a few of my mates as well. I can't say how impressed I am with Flirc. Its just brilliant. Many thanks to Jason for it's development.

I never knew of that on-screen keyboard. I don't think I have ever ventured into the accessibility options in all my years of using windows - or other OSs for that matter. This little util will help with the fault finding.

I'm testing the windows key + <NUM> option this evening and will update with success or otherwise.

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