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Wake up doesn't work


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I'm using Flirc on a Windows 10 together with a Harmony 650.

I've made all the necessary settings, I have learned a key for 'Wake' and in the settings I've put Sleep Detection.

But will all this, I can not wake up my PC at all.


Can somebody help me.. :)

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OK then, go to Device Manager, open Keyboards key in the device tree. When you open a device properties there should be power (or power management) tab. Check if all devices are allowed to wake the system. You can check which one is Flirc by unplugging it and checking which one disappeared.

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I don't have Win 10 any more, so I can't test this myself. But I haven't heard that there's a problem with wake up in Win 10 neither.

Are you sure that the remote is sending the IR signal on button press? Which firmware version do you have on your Flirc? In newer versions you can delete wake key and then Flirc should wake the PC on any recorded key press - you can try that.

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